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hahaha I’ve really started something here…I suppose when we first went into business we were so green and then we had some bad experiences with some other business people and realised it can get quite nasty in the business world. It probably wouldn’t make a difference if we told you the product or not but after all the work we’ve done it would break out hearts if someone swooped in with a bigger bank account and took all our hard work for their own gain. I’m sure once we are out in the market place there will be plenty of copycats so we just want to get on the front foot and position ourselves well for when this happens…then I can shout it from the roof tops!

…ok so regarding Franchises Emroy. Do Franchisee’s have the ability to stock certain products in their store without going through head office? Also is there are way to tell if a business is part of a franchise or not?

As for approaching store owners or franchisee’s:
Would you recommend cold calling at the shop or phoning and making an appointment? Our idea is to cold call with a sample pack containing the product, overview/cover letter, catalogue and brochures. If the owner/manager is not available we will leave this with the supervisor and ask when the owner/manager will be available and then either follow up with a phone call or another visit?

We feel that if we call first especially in the economic climate then it is easy for them to say no straight away. Our product is very unique and impressive when you see it personally so we are hoping if we show up and leave a sample this will blow them away and they will say “Oh yes we must have this”…well that’s the plan : )

Lastly in the cover letter I am going to include in our pack I was thinking of saying we are only wanting to stock our product in selected stores(which is true)…do you think this will encourage the “I better get in before the other’s” mentality? As I mentioned no one is currently stocking this product and from our online sales it is something that is proving popular.

…I know I have so many questions so any help will be great…also if there is any manufacturing businesses out there that would be willing to mentor us we would love to hear from you.

: )