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Chris Bates
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With such a unique product, I would hope that by this stage Mike has already protected his IP. (NB: I’ve spoke to Mike and know what his product is)

As for any potential surge in demand, what’s better – sitting there with no sales, or too many? If it surges that much, means you’re selling it too cheaply. If you STILL can’t keep up with the demand, then just ensure you manage it properly, be transparent with turnarounds, etc.

I understand the risk of damaging your brand by not being prepared to meet demand, but I think it’s a situation easily handled.

Look at Apple, after how many product releases they STILL can’t get supply vs demand right. In fact, I’d go as far to say that it’s a marketing tactic that they use willingly.

But you’re right, it’s always worth researching. But I believe that’s what he’s already doing, thus this thread! :)