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Hi Melanie,

I wouldn’t go as far as to say that your site is ugly, this is ugly >> http://www.fivedoves.com/

I would say that your site could be designed better to sell yourself and your services. You are obviously passionate about your jewelery designs and rightly so because there are some very elegant pieces you have made.

I agree with Chris that visiting your home to fit jewelry is a tough ask. There is a lot of effort involved for the customer. Although you are already selling your jewelry directly from your site, I get the feeling that you may not be receiving many visitors.

Further adding to Chris’s great suggestions, I would initially focus on a site redesign, specifically focusing on displaying your jewelry being worn with fashionable clothing that matches the elegance.

If you don’t have access to fashionable clothing or models, try talking to a few clothing designers. You will likely find a designer willing to showcase their clothing with your jewelry on your website as long as you mention where the clothes come from.

Website traffic, you need to build it. I had a quick look through your blog and noticed it was very touch and go. A number of posts mentioning how long it had been since your last post.

You really need to find your voice, target your content towards a particular theme and then write everyday. Topics could include matching jewelery with clothing, the difference between jewelry types, reviews of what celebrities are wearing, ways to dress elegantly for low cost… the list goes on. Obviously you have more ideas about this than I do.

Your current ordering system takes a while to get through and is a little confusing. You could reduce the ordering process down to 3 pages. Cart review, information entry and order/information review.

Your front page should display your jewelry categories as image links to your jewelry for sale and your written content on the home page should be displayed under those image links. With jewelry, images sell.

Other ideas include allowing your visitors to suggest jewelry designs to be custom made, offering a newsletter to update visitors with what is happening in the jewelry industry (not just a sales pitch, provide quality content in there), an image gallery on your site where customers can upload images of themselves wearing your jewelry to events, videos of you creating the jewelry…

Of course all of this will take work but if you continually build content on your site, remain persistent and consistent with link building/community networking, you will see results.