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Clodagh S.Higgins, post: 37181 wrote:
I would highly recommend getting Market Samurai

I don’t think this advice is quite sound for this particular poster – nothing against the product in General. Market Samurai is a particular piece of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) software that can be quite powerful in the right hands, but could also be confusing and detrimental as well.

siringo, I think you would be wise to listen to the advice of those such as Melinda_B and Chris Bates – you need to work out your strategy first, get some planning down etc. Planning doesn’t have to be this highly structured formal document up front, but you do need to definately get some plans down on paper and get some overall marketing and business strategy happening first. Tools like Market Samurai can help with picking keywords and SEO, but you need to work out first who you are as a business, what you are offering, how you will structure things etc, and from there go to investigating the tools, resources and people required to get you where you need to be.

Hope this helps a little
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