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Tracey Anne
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Melinda B, I’m pretty sure the reference to age 75 for Super related to contributions, not to when people can access their super – which is ‘preservation age’ and varies depending on year of birth. Currently employers are not required to pay the super guarantee for employees aged 65 or 70 and over (sorry, can’t remember which it is). This age (if passed through the Senate) will be lifted to age 75 in recognition of the fact that their solution to the ageing population (which has only been known of for 3 or 4 decades) is to keep elderly people in the workforce and flog them to death before they can access their Super.

I agree with Burgo and others. A typical over-blown bunch of nothingness from this Government. Scratch the surface, deliver nothing (other than to ensure the blue-chip mining companies take a hit in the markets therefore depreciating the investments of most of the super funds along with hordes of individual investors) and claim the whole mess as ‘reform’.