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kbrookes, post: 43222 wrote:
Another vote for DropBox!

It’s totally revolutionised our backup practices. As web designers, we rarely work with truly large files. Only for our occasional print work do we need to change our backup methods.

Here’s how our setup works.

My wife and I (partners in our business) use one account on our main work machines, both of which are laptops. All of our workproduct is stored in DropBox.

We also have an always-on desktop machine at home that runs Time Machine, Apple’s built-in backup software. It constantly backs-up the DropBox folder to a local RAID server: essentially a small box attached to the network that contains four drives. All drives are linked together in a way (RAID 5) that means that if one drive dies, it can be replaced and the data rebuilt from the remaining three.

In this way we have two version-control points: DropBox and TimeMachine and both remote and local backup. Even if we deleted our entire DropBox by accident, TimeMachine would retain a previous version we could roll back to, which would be seeded our to our laptops.

It’s a truly liberating way of working!

As a previous poster mentioned, Evernote is also awesome. My wife uses it to update our shopping list. While I’m doing the shopping. :D

I also use dropbox – partly for backups but also for sharing files with employees across different locations we can instantly sync and share files and backup documents.