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Hello Teki,

I have owned a web dev / seo agency in the past and in my current business I have a lot of clients in the web industry and can i tell you the majority of them outsource work, especially the larger agencies.

Because there is only the two of you, I think it is critical for you to be looking into delegating tasks. Whether it be the actual development of even the marketing. Pretty easy to get a marketing assistant from a developing country that can provide you with a return on investment … think about it, if you them $600 to $1200 a month, they would only have to get one client a month to make it viable.

I am sure some people would take objection to this. But the reality of your industry is that it is hard to compete without offshoring. It is a very saturated market!

And yes for sure register your business name!

Disclaimer: I now own a outsourcing business, after shutting down my web design / seo agency because I saw the opportunity … so many small businesses / web design agencies will be turning to outsourcing more and more, it is a fact of life. Globalisation is here.

Anyway this is how I view your industry, feel free to disagree.

Btw. I know of many people who do not even use Australian web designers anymore, they go to one of the many freelance portals, eg Elance. Even older people are figuring this out. How can you compete without lowering your costs also?

I do not mean to scare you. There will still be a market there that is willing to pay australian standard prices … but that percentage is getting smaller and smaller and the competition is growing. So it is important to use any advantage you can get.