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Hi Sell,

Yes, go for it! I’m in clothing retail, but know someone who is selling pre-loved clothing. She leases in a small shopping centre which has a country feel to it, and people love browsing in her small shop. She doesn’t buy any clothes, but sell it for others. Eg. someone has a good dress (some great labels) and want about $10 for it. She sells it for what she can and pocket the rest.
She also sell my overstock items, which is brandnew. She knows the cost of it and pockets the rest. She organizes auctions in the centre, and has a preview a few days before. She has a network, because she mentioned tea mornings with some ladies. She offers a service, that is why it is working. The auction for my stuff is coming up on the 8th. I will let you know if it was a success.
All the best to you,