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Harmony Steel
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Thanks very much for the replies, I knew you lovely people would have some great ideas I hadn’t though of yet! Much appreciated.

I’ve now contacted my local BEC, put an ad in the local paper and on Gumtree.

I’d love to make use of the serviced offices in Launceston but they’re currently a bit out of my price range, but they definitely make for a good carrot.

Hehe unfortunately removing said husband from the office is not an option but I like your thinking ;) Seriously though he’s a treasure and I don’t mind sharing the space with him but it really is too small for 2 people.

Re the renovated garage I love the idea of a proper separation of home from work and I’m suitably envious of you YoungNomad :) I’m going to look into that option as we need to put up a garage and a few extra K may get me an external home office into the bargain. Thanks for the great idea.

Excellent logic Paul, thanks heaps, I’ve no desire to move house again so soon (I hate packing) but the extra rent could apply to garage repayments as easily. Re the desktop computer I’m a web designer so I have two 24″ monitors set up side-by-side to do my work, and my PC has a lot of grunt. I couldn’t get the same monitor functionality with a laptop, and I’d be looking at 5K+ to get a system with the same specs as my PC which I need for running multiple memory-hogging applications at once. I do have a little laptop but it’s really only good for checking emails and doing research.

Thanks again guys for your fantastic ideas! I will let you know how I go :)