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Amen to all that Eric!

While chatting with small business owners about the web, search engine stuff etc in the right social setting works wonders. For example at a chamber of commerce type event.

Approaching businesses very humbly to offer your services and leaving something for them to remember you by and then following up can work – sometimes, but only if done in the right manner!

Tricking people into talking to you by making them think you are a customer, bombarding them when they clearly aren’t interested, pressure sales tactics and generally invading their space is a terrible idea as you said.

Website design and most web stuff is in some ways a collaborative effort between the designer and the client – if they have been given are hard sell you will never end up with the content or time from them to get the info you need to get the job done, and the whole thing will be more hassle than it’s worth. Can’t believe they are selling that stuff as a course in sales, it’s just crazy to me!

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