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YoungNomad, post: 37568 wrote:
At least they personalised it with your first name ; I get loads that are a generic email, and I’ve EVEN had some with my name in a list of CC’s to all the real estate agencies in my area.

I called one company up and said I was interested in their product, but the fact that they didn’t take the time to write me personally turned me off.

THe thing is, if they’re hungry for business, they will go that little bit extra. Noone wants to be a number.

THe most successful “cold callers” are the ones that come into my office, shake my hand, and drop off cards etc. I’ll always give them business, because they’ve shown that they will devote the time to service me.

Following on from what YoungNomad said about successful cold callers, does anyone else have stories about cold callers (or people who walk into your store/office) which were able to sell you products without making you annoyed/bored/etc ?