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lutrov, post: 38855 wrote:
I certainly don’t feel that fax spam is ok, under any circumstances. Maybe you and I have differing opinions on what spam is?

I used to get fax spam, back in the days when I thought a fax machine was useful. I used to fix that problem by faxing them back 100 copies of a page which told them to check with me before they used my fax toner without my permission.

That worked every time.

Personally Im ok with getting advertising via our fax machine, but only as long as its relevant to my business. ie. having adverts for ink refills come to our business when we already offer that service is not relevant and is therefore annoying.

Its also not cool when they spam you with every product every day.. theres a stationary company on the sunshine coast who used to send daily updates of their stationary specials. Ive asked to be removed from the list.. we will see if that happens.

Just looking for ways to cut through the clutter. And as annoying as it is.. fax spam has very high success rates (so Im told).