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Unfortunately ALL my customers have a unique experience when they deal with me.

However I have had a unique experience of exceptional customer service with a supplier in Queensland, which involves a part for a machine that is made in the USof A. The manufacturer is prepared to supply the part if I lived in the US or the UK, not Australia. A supplier in the US can get the part which costs $ 39.00us but the cost of frieght would be $ 135.00us. The part weights less than half a kilo.

This Queensland supplier phoned me out of the blue to say he would be in the US within the next few weeks and would organise one to be delivered to his Hotel then would post it down to me in NSW. This Customer Service has blown me away, and since experiencing this uniqeness I have since learned that they do this for all their customers.

How wonderful life would be if we all took on this attitude and treated each customer as a unique induividual special to you.

I am sure there are many here on the forum that can relate to exoeriences similar, through the contacts they have made here on this forum, FLYING SOLO