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Trish HBB, post: 37290 wrote:
Hi Elise,

Welcome to Flying Solo. It’s a great community with wonderful people and helpful resources.

We have a lot in common being follow bookkeepers and I too am just starting out so always nice to see kindred spirits around.

Wishing you well,

Hi Trish,
Yeh, this is amazing I have had a huge response. I am desperate to employ a subcontractor – my life is just bookkeeping and I really want to spend my time growing the business not just going out working – thou I don’t mind that. I did have 2 girls on board but due to various reasons they have gone, I will never take on anyone without experience again – didn’t realise how much we know. Are you on your own or do you have people working for you? I love this business and happy to help if I can. Keep in touch