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Julia Nitschke
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Hi Sean

It would be great if you could find a position at a bookkeeping business so you could “learn the ropes.” There is a big difference between bookkeeping for one business and bookkeeping at a bookkeeping firm. The diverse range of clients is great and gives such a broad range of experience. That might be one avenue, although might be harder to get into with limited experience. You might find someone willing to take you on though.

Another thought, once you finish your cert IV, you might have enough knowledge to take on a couple of part time small bookkeeping roles to gain some exposure to the industry. I hope those ideas help a little!

Goodluck with your adventure into the wonderful world of bookkeeping. If you are interested there is a free one hour online seminar on May 27th 7.30pm (Adelaide time) for people who are small business owner/operators who do their own books, but it is also suitable for people new to bookkeeping. If you want to register/attend, click here.

There will be general information, tips etc, but also questions time, so if you have any specific bookkeeping questions you might get some help there. The person giving the talk has her own bookkeeping business and has written a book on the subject, so it should be very informative.

Good luck again and enjoy the forum.