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KarenC, post: 37337 wrote:
I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my Adobe CS5 upgrades today, because CS5 Flash is supposed to be able to export to a format that is suitable for iPhones and I find that very interesting. But for techies out there, how come FS is having so much success with the current site?

You’ll find that Apple have amended their terms (3.3.1 I think) that ostensibly prohibits Flash CS5 (or any other 3rd party framework) from compiling iPhone apps. Apple will reject them outright if they’re not put together using their kit.

As for the dual ad displays it’s a case of having some PHP or javascript code to sniff the browser user-agent. If it’s an iPhone serve the GIF otherwise here’s the SWF for your normal browser.

My opinion is that Flash will eventually be supplanted by HTML5 and javascript for a majority of web building.