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My first thought is to “go back to the start”.

Who’s to say that you couldn’t get double or triple the results simply by improving the sales and marketing processes that you’ve already got in place?

“out of the box” may not be what you need, for example here’s 3 vital points of improvement that I’m sure are choking off possible new leads from your website:

1. I noticed you don’t have a way of capturing visitor leads from your website for you to follow up on – that’s an opportunity

2. I’ve noticed that you’re not educating the visitor on why your solution is better than every other option available – that’s a vital leverage point

3. There’s no clear next step you want the visitor to take – that’s another important leverage point

Get better at what’s already working – smart companies understand this idea


You have a hidden asset > you have a list of customers that you’ve already sold to, how can you monetize this asset?

Here’s 2 important facts that you already know about your past customers:

1. They’re aware of how important security is i.e. they’re already pre-sold
2. They’ve spent money against this (fear) to improve their situation

So, how can you use this information to create a total solution for your past customers and build on that peace of mind that they’ve already bought into while at the same time creating more profit for your business and getting access to even more potential new leads?