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Two ideas I thought were really good from the above were working with other companies, particularly builders or other complimentary firms and the targeted campaigns idea. Both have worked for our business in the past, and some times both do take a bit of work, but what doesn’t in business these days?

Word of mouth in general with the emergence of social media is stronger than ever, but why not take advantage of the old fashioned word of mouth? As King mentioned, there’s no better recommendation than from a customer you’ve done work for in the past who is happy with your workmanship. Offering some sort of incentive to those customers to ‘refer’ you on is a good way of not only showing off your product/service, but also firming up in the potential customers mind that if they choose you, they’ll know you’ll do the job well. Coles Myer or Bunnings/Mitre10 gift cards might be appropriate to your line of work? You also need consider, as King mentioned how the incentive stacks up against your standard cost per acquisition cost.

From what I can see, you don’t mention anything about Online activity.

I’ll assume for the purpose of this response you’re not doing anything online apart from your website. A few things you might look at are:

– Google Adwords / Search marketing: Needless to say, a powerful tool for marketing given most people use search to find what they’re looking for. We’re a prime example; in the middle of DIY home reno’s and we’ve sourced just about everything we needed using Google search, apart from the obvious visits to man-land (i.e. bunnings).

– Participate in online forums, just like this one, however for your industry. There are plenty out there and by helping people, answering questions and advice you’ll build a reputation and help market your business through your signature each time you post.

Hope this gives you a few more things to consider.