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Some excellent ideas already offered. What about working with glaziers or other trades in your targeted area (I’m assuming you have a clearly defined area you work in), they promote your business you promote theirs?

Working with real estate agents – they have a ready list of what’s sold or for sale. With the for sale – offer a service to get all screens in order for show house or sold offer a service to renew / replace old / damaged screens.

Or find out what’s for sale or sold online and make a targeted approach. We’ve recently sold and moved and it was amazing to see how many letters arrived from removalist companies offering their service. By the way our new place needed a screen door and being new to the area I got the info from a little sticker on a neighbour’s door.

Marketing really is just telling people what you do and telling the right people is better marketing – make lists of all and any people that may be able to spread the word to your target market and find out what you might do that would encourage this.

Lastly I popped on here after getting a tweet about it – don’t discount social media.