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Already lots of great advice

Especially like that you are using promo products (biased tho) as these are great for your biz … include in direct mail too. I would avoid putting stickers on doors of other properties though, as happened to me once) :

1) Body Corporates – perhaps approach managing agents to assess if you can make an offer to properties under their management i.e. by offering a competitive offer for assessing all units/townhouses in a complex (most have rulings regarding uniformity of doors etc).

2) Sell the sizzle … so sell the security aspects, that allow you to focus on selling more $$ security doors (rather than the more basic models etc)

3) Make sure the local real estate managing agents know you as they often handle repairs etc for investors.

4) Really like the cleaning service idea (as they can be a pest to maintain and clean)…perhaps offer a six or twelve months come back and clean service … or tie in with a complementary service such as a window cleaning co already offering this … this would allow you to implement referral setup from other businesses.

5) Check out local community markets and trade shows as these events can be helpful to build profile.

6) Offer a display area in your showroom for other services in your area i.e. trades etc in return for them carrying your cards (you can offer further incentive for referrals if the prospect comes in with the name of the trade on the back of the card).