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Chris Bates
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I agree, it was a broad statement. I hate broad statements, so for that I apologise, haha. But it’s the statement following it that counts; it’s all about value.

I’m not saying competing on price never works, just not in this industry. But again, by LOWERING your price, you RAISE your value. Even in the GFC, would you spend $10 on a widget that lasted 1 year, or $20 on a widget that lasted 3 years? Value, value, value.

If you’ve managed to make a widget that you can sell for $10 feasibly that lasts for 3 years as well, even better! I say sell it for $15 and you’ll be laughing ;)

You are correct about niching, but I still fail to see how ‘being the cheapest’ is ‘hitting it hard’. ‘Offering the best value’ is ‘hitting it hard’.

A business in its infancy is different, they will often loss lead (like Foxtons) as a way to prove themselves. You see it all the time here. What do they have at the end of it? A way to demonstrate their value.

As for WordPress, I’m not sure why you discredit it? It’s a market leader in CMS technology, and is widely used by a lot of design firms. Our very own website is built upon WordPress, as are most of our client websites.

Thanks for the proofread of the website, that page is actually on our agenda to re-write – we’ve just not had any spare time to work on it! You have assumed correctly, since opening our doors two months ago we’ve hit a lot of big runs that has kept us well and truly busy. I’ll let you guess our secret for selling so many solutions ;) haha *hint, it’s a 5 letter word and starts with ‘v’*