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harmechelectrical, post: 37507 wrote:
Hi all,
I was approached by a company saying the benefits of putting my super into an investment property, positively geared with future super and rental income.
Anyone familiar with this?
We are meeting on the 20th.
Does the investment property have to residential or can I buy a commercial property and lease it to my company.

Hi Royden,

You can buy investment properties through a Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF). This is a relatively new law and allows the investor to only have a 20% deposit and gear the rest of the investment. When thinking about entering a SMSF account there are a few things you need to know:
1. Do I have enough money in the fund for it to be viable?
If you have less than $150K in your superannuation then chances are that once fees are taken from advisors and end of year auditing you would have been better off with your regular superannuation account.

2. Am I going to implement my own financial plan or will I seek advice?

The main benefits of a SMSF are:
1. Higher levels of control
2. Wider range on investment options
3. Lower fees (if you have more than 150K as a general rule of thumb)
4. Tax strategies that can be employed for immediate returns

For further advice speak to a SMSF advisor, someone at Synergy could help you over the phone or by meeting in person.

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