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Young Nomad,

No I havent specifically encountered this situation yet I think common issues still arise whatever age you choose to ‘retire’. I personally prefer the term ‘rewire’

It is important to have some idea of what you envisage retirement to be like. What will give you purpose and meaning on a day to day basis?

Of course work does not define who we are. However it does take up a considerable amount of time and provides us with opportunities to grow, develop and evolve as individuals given the various situations it creates.

No matter what age you choose to retire it is important to have a plan of what you want. It will continue to evolve but having some idea of what you are aiming for is always useful.

Realising there are stages and phases of within the process is also an important point to remember. Starting the plan before you make the transition is usually more beneficial than having to reactively adjust. This has the potential to reduce the risk of discontent.

I do trust this is helpful to you.