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Its not just the .au version, this is a worldwide rollout and no doubt designed to improve Googles results.

I’m not real confident on the 46% fig someone mentioned re Aust pages option, a quick poll of non seo/sem friends and colleagues suggests much less but I guess we’ll never know as John points out.

Is it a reaction to some of Bing’s good points? Quite possibly, big G wants to ‘be’ the internet in Joe Public’s eyes so if the corporate machine sees a success in a strategy (be it an internal or external one) it will of course attempt to replicate and/or improve upon that strategy.

W – purely a personal observation but recently I’ve been hearing more and more folk saying they were going to make more use of Bing and Yahoo, and they are indeed really good engines when you get into them, more predictable too for SEO purposes IMO.

Personally, I would love to see them grow and offer some real competition in the search engine space, I think competition by nature is good for a market.