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Even 1 employee makes your business strain

Hiring any employees, casual or not forces your business to do this;

  1. Check out the industry award/fair pay for the position
  2. Create and issue payslips according to the Payslips Act
  3. Provide training and safety induction to every employee
  4. Interview all applicants and select them without discrimination
  5. Provide written standard operating procedures for them to do their work
  6. Create a Position Description and Employment Contract
  7. Provide all the equipment they need to work
  8. Pay Workcover tax, Payroll Tax, and other legal requirements

Having them work inside your home also increases your obligations by;

  • Needing to ensure that they are safe from hazards
  • That you trust them, i mean really trust them in your home
  • They need access to your kitchen, toilet, and meal room
  • If they are injured in your workplace you may also need to complete injury report forms to submit your local government OHS system for investigation
  • Your home life will have interruptions with another person in the limited space

Laws you will need to comply with are many and ignorance is no excuse, so really decide if you need to employ anyone until you are ready.

Also the cost to run an employee is usually three times what you pay them in increased admin, taxs, hiring, firing, and training. You will need to recover that in sales revenue some how.

Eg $20 per hour can cost you business $60 per hour. With a net profit margin of %50 for example on a product price of $40 you will need to sell 3 extra products per hour, to pay for their employment with you.