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I’ll keep my eyes peeled for future events as we’re probably moving from Coffs Harbour to Perth and I’ll be looking for some serious cake eating people to network with.


Jexley, post: 37614 wrote:
Hello kids,
Some folks don’t like Northbridge and other folks don’t like coffee and cake and nice people that are awesome. I call these people “doughheads”.

For those that don’t have dough in place of brainmatter, and are willing to socialise with like-minded small business people over a nice cuppa and cake that makes you moan a little bit with every bite, then I’m thinking:

Opal Café
c1/134 Aberdeen St
Northbridge WA 6003
(08) 9328 2210
Friday, 14th of May, 10 in the AM.

It’s quiet, it’s got a couch area where we can sit and relax in a circle and they’ve got cake.

Oh shoosh, you know I had you at “cake”.

Cheers folks, hope to see you all there!

If I don’t see you there, remember what I said about being a doughhead and at least have that checked out.