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Hi Thinkingbig,

I’m with JayTurn on this. Do some more research and planning.

Be warned. Most shopping sites sites fail.

You have made no mention of your online competition and its strength. That could have a major impact on your marketing spend and your product pricing – hence profitability.

It is difficult without specifics but my initial reaction to some of the numbers is:

You will only make $1.50 (10%) per sale. Definitely NOT worth risking $15k for this level of return. Find another opportunity.

3-5% conversion. Way, way too optimistic. You may get 1% of the people who are using the search terms clicking through to your site. Then you may get 10% who place an order. The last stats I read indicated that 70% of people who start an online purchase, do not complete it.

Are you planning to use sponsored links to get people onto your site? 300,000-400,000 searches per month – I’m expecting sponsored links to be in the multiple dollars per click range. Your budget can’t deliver a fraction of the site visitors you need.

Are you thinking of attracting visitors with natural search rankings? New shopping cart sites have a terrible time attracting natural search engine referrals. How strong is your online competition? Attracting natural search results traffic in competitive markets is usually a slow and expensive process.

Good luck and regs,

John W