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Hi Richard,

Whoa up. It looks to me like you have problems with attracting relevant site visitors AND converting them into paying customers. What do your traffic and sales reports tell you about conversion?

Please do not fall into the trap of setting an objective to rank top of a small group of keywords. The important objective is to increase RELEVANT referrals from the search engines for the least cost. I could show you sites whose relevant referrals are 1,000% higher than could be achieved by targeting a few frequently used keywords.

I’m guessing that you and/or an adviser have been trying to implement SEO. It looks like there is a lot of “shot gun” targeting of search words being attempted. It also looks like someone has been trying to build lots of external links.

Your site is suffering from the problems that ail so many shopping carts.

In a nutshell, it is not constructed, designed nor written to help the search engines evaluate what each of its pages are about. A big clue to this is that Google has indexed 1,040 of your pages but decided that 73% have so little importance that it has relegated them to its supplementary index.

Shopping carts that contain lots of products very often send conflicting messages to the search engines like this.

Product Example: Flat Adjustable Bench

There are 22 words of product specific information on this page. They are:

“Flat Adjustable Bench

Increase strength, flexibility and range of motion on this rock tough workout bench.
Great for Dumbell Bench Rows
Adjustable Height
Home Use”

A search engine can read around 350 words on this page. It is more likely to think this page is about balls, bells, bags, boxing or bikes than benches. Compare the usage of each word on the page.

The problem is even more evident on your Home page…

Your Home page is your most important real estate to the search engines. What are you telling them are the important words?

Your Domain Name: “fitness” and “shop”
Your External Links: “fitness” and “shop” – I’m guessing that most links use your business/domain name.
Your Home Title: “Gym”, “Equipment”, “Fitness”, “Weights”, “Bench”, “Home”, “Multi”, “Power” and “Rack”

Your Page Text: 837 words

Use of targeted words in visible text:
gym = 15
equipment = 15
home = 11
weights = 11
fitness = 9
bench = 8
multi = 6
multi = 6
power = 2
rack = 1
shop = 0

Your page is delivering confusing messages to the SEs. Two of your most important ranking parameters are telling them that your page is about “fitness” and “shop” but your visible page content contradicts this. The word “shop” is not used in the text at all.

There are 135,000 pages in Australia that contain the words “power” and “rack”. You can’t expect to rank well with a Home page that uses them so infrequently.

There is no single solution to improving search engine referrals. Each solution must be tailored to each client’s requirements.


John W