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TheWebExpert, post: 37757 wrote:

I am sure everyone on here has seen sites rank better with less links than the next site – so important yes – but the most crucial factor – no.


Well, I’m sorry to say this but : you are wrong.

Is not in the amount of links… it is in the value and quality of the links

But don’t take my word:


Look at the numbers

24% Trust/Authority of the Host Domain –> how you achieve this?
With Quality Links.

22% Link Popularity of the Specific Page —> mmm links again

20% Anchor Text of External Links

and at the end….

15% On-Page Keyword Usage

So if you don’t think links is what put you up in the search engines… do this experiment

Optimize your site and make it SEO lovely and friendly

Then get a plan lame HTML site with poor SEO structure and build 300 quality links sending google juice… and google love.. and authority…

Who will rank first? Who will rank higher?

Simple: the one with more links… the one with better links… wins.

* time to put the kids to bed. ;) good luck!