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seocourse, post: 37767 wrote:
Well, I’m sorry to say this but : you are wrong.

Is not in the amount of links… it is in the value and quality of the links

Ive seen it a number of times, sites with stuff all links, and the links it had were very spammy looking.. out ranking quality sites with quality links.

The theory from a previous employer of mine was that Google is not ALWAYS going to go by its own “rules” – if the recipe was that simple.. then why would people need to use Adwords as well ? Its all a big conspiracy!

Richard – I know you didn’t ask for feedback on your site.. but my instant impression was that the combination of the background and the content hurt my eyes !

You may also like to consider the trust aspect from the user. I know this does not affect rankings,.. but you are currently lacking the user trust icons such as Verisign Secured.. or whatever relevant one you are using. Id also recommend incorporating the logos for your payment options: Paypal, Mastercard etc etc When Im shopping online and I reach a website.. its one of the first things Im looking for.. if I cant find the Paypal logo.. I move on to another option.

Good Luck !