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I will comment instead on the first situation you mentioned, since it reminds me of some things I recently leaned about peoples behavior.

Robert Cialdini wrote a very good book titled The Psychology of Influence. In it he talks about 6 or so basic principles that can govern or be used to govern peoples responses. The one I thought of here is what he calls commitment and consistancy.

It goes something like this. Once we make a decision we then spend a lot of time convincing ourselves that we made the right decision. the problem then becomes that we find it very hard to reverse that because it would be tantamount to admitting we were wrong in the first place, and that for most can be insupportable.

The overall point of his book, to me at least, is that it can be very easy to influence people or be influenced by others (salesmen in particular) but it is also possible to act more realistically by recognising what is going on and be able to rise above it.