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To the OP, Google’s Webmaster Tools is a great start and I endorse the advice of submitting an XML sitemap. Both, in my opinion, fall outside the realm of SEO and into the realm of “Best Practices” so they’re a good idea whether you’re doing SEO or not.

The real guts of getting on there though is going to come from inbound links. Relevant ones in particular. I’d advise getting listed on some business directories (just to get word out there a bit) as many are free and will provide a decent backlink. Next, find something somewhere that’s relevant to your business and either ask for a link or make one yourself.

What’s relevant? Tech journals and blogs, even News sites, about what you do. Get on there and leave some comments. Not sure if you’ve got enough posts for an HTML sig, but that’s a good one too.

Mostly do what you’re doing here, invite people to come check out the site, and link to it. These links will get picked up and, depending on the relevance, affect where you’ll rank for certain terms.

If you’re down for a pro’s touch too, “be sure and shop around” is my advice too. You’ll get a feel for who’s on the level.

And no, I don’t find this stuff frustrating, its fascinating. And to be perfectly honest, I don’t bother trying to keep up with every little change in Google’s algorithm. I follow best practices (ie, their Webmaster Guidelines) and it always works out. Bookkeeping, that’s frustrating, software installations and updates, that’s frustrating, SEO is a breeze.

Good luck!