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I totally agree with you Matt.

Today – Google in Australia is “the one”.

There is only one thing that can impact this, and it involves a massive paradigm shift.

In my opinion – this is one of the most exciting times to be on the web.

Here is a massive curve ball – to consider.

Over the last six months, the cost of advertising on Facebook has continued to climb. The space they have on their site to advertise is pretty limiting – so it is either prices keep climbing or….
In the next 3-12 months, watch for Facebook to introduce a rival ad sharing network to Google’s. It just makes total sense this will occur.
Since Facebook recently released the Social Plugins – well in excess of 100,000 websites have incorporated them into their sites.

A Facebook ad network. Exciting for advertisers.

What does Facebook know compared to Google?
They know your age, sex, etc – and so ads could be so better targeted then Google’s – which are primarily key word based.

So it is interesting times to come…(promises a lot of excitement)