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Trish FCA
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lukew, post: 38172 wrote:
I have just been through this, while setting up my business.

Basically I needed a number that I could be contacted on, be it in the office or out/interstate – that would not cost the caller any extra.

I have used mynetfone – VOIP.
$5.00 month -one free DID number
50 free local / state / International* included
Then 10c per local / state / International*
12c/min to mobile.
*Only certain countries are covered, and it depends on what $5 plan you are on.

Once it is set up you can log into my account and alter the call settings, there are multiple options but I will just list what I have set/and have used.

1) Set it so my Voip phone rings for a selected time than it transfers to my mobile(you can select it to ring through a sequence of numbers), if I do not answer it goes to VOIP message bank. – If I do answer the call on my mobile, the caller still gets charged their standard call rate to a landline, and I get charged my VOIP 12c/min mobile rate.

2) Set it so the call is automatically transferred to my mobile – I do this if I am out and about

3) Set it to go straight to message bank – After hours.

There are some VOIP providers that offer a set amount of free mobile calls- In that case if a voip call is transferred to your mobile you don’t pay anything while you still have free mobile calls owing to you.

I too use mynetfone and have it set up the same way. If you look at mynetfone.com.au/whirlpool you can get even better deals.