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MatthewLeigh, post: 38189 wrote:

I have spent a while playing around with these designs and have decided to put my hard work up for some good ol’ peer review. They are business card designs for my new bookkeeping business
http://www.matthewleigh.com.au/flyingsolo/Business-Card-Front-(BCE).gif – front
http://www.matthewleigh.com.au/flyingsolo/Business-Card-Back-(BCE).gif – back

I like minimalism so tried to apply that to the cards while still providing enough basic information. These will be my first ever business cards so I am a little excited!



I love contrast colour backs! From a communications point of view you have good strong messages but they are competing on the back. The size of the text needs to visually allow the eye to understand which to read first. At the moment they are all saying, Read me First as they are similar sizes. The most powerful message for focus of the back (imho) should be.

Get back to doing what you love!

I would center that and put just your rounded square symbol above or below, or if you want the whole name make sure its smaller as the message has got to be No. 1. No need for italics and underlines, the words need to speak – if they dont then it needs revision.

The front should include the phrase underneath your name and logo brand but smaller and it might be clearer to include the word bookkeeping:

Matthew Leigh
Bookkeeping services that make cents.

Contact details should be no bigger than 10pt and all the same size. postal is least important so should be last. Website…? Essential so something to consider there.

The rounded square makes a good symbol. Quality first attempt, definitely modern without being too fashionable. :)