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Ken Wood
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Hi Dan,

I’m a bit late with this, saw your reply yesterday but it took me a while to figure out that the forums don’t work with Firefox any more…

We have customised SugarCRM Professional extensively to store Accounts Receivable transactions in the CRM and then sync them with MYOB. We’ve also built tight integration between SugarCRM and Joomla, Magento, email marketing software, affiliate tracking/commissions, automated/scheduled customer payments and a few other things.

For more info see

Concept diagram on our home page: http://www.itontap.com

System/data flow diagram: http://www.itontap.com/images/stories/small-business-crm-landing-page/system-diagram-logos850w.gif

E-book on using sales data in the CRM to implement new marketing & sales automation strategies: http://www.itontap.com/crm-marketing-myob-integration

We’d be happy to work out an agreement for you to resell to your clients if our system meets your needs. We do some web design work for our clients but only as a means to an end – the software subscription is the business we really want, so we won’t compete with you for design work with any of your clients.

Drop me a line on ken.wood@itontap.com if I can help.