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I had a different experience, I found the system in NSW to be rubbish.

Basically I go into the office to register by business name “Marketing Web” I have pre checked it’s not taken. Note this is a regional type office. I really wanted this name specifically in part because the domain name http://www.marketingweb.com.au wasn’t taken and suited me well (as most of you know you can’t really register a .com.au domain until you have an ABN – which I mistakenly thought I needed the Business Name for first – it’s very confusing in this aspect – both forms ask for the other one’s information!)

I’m then told it will take 3 days. About 5 days later I get a letter in the mail saying my name to too similar to a list of other names. None are anything like my name, except for the word marketing.

I got into the office to query it – i’m told the word “web” is an ignored word, and i’ve basically just tried to register the business name “marketing” which of course I can’t do.

I ask for a list of these ignored words – they don’t have it available. She tells me that they don’t give it out. How am i supposed to know what options I have – apparently I have to just try some and they won’t tell me a word is ignored until I try it.

I try marketing web solutions – apparently solutions is also an ignored word. A week later I get the same response. I call them and ask for advice, and after mush prodding i’m told Australia is NOT an ignored word and is OK, as is the word “International” (why this would not be an ignored word I can’t say as putting Australia on the end of something to differentiate is stupid). So I try Marketing Web Australia BUT i’m told in reality i’ve now tried to register “Marketing * Australia” which again is too similar to other names.

I finally register (3 weeks later) register the mouthfull “Marketing and Website Solutions Australia”, register marketingweb.com.au , and all is happy.

On a side note, I have the stupid woman at department of fair trading tell me 10 times that I don’t need a business name if operating online only – ie I never physically meet clients, just operate a website. In this case I would however have to bill clients under my own name which I don’t want. Plus
I tell her I will be meeting clients physically and that while I build and work on websites, it’s not an online only business, and I also don’t want to just bill clients as my name. She doesn’t get it and seems only to be able to repeat phrases like a trained monkey.

Just my experience!

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