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Hi Barb,

For what it’s worth I completely disagree both of the above replies for your specific situation.

.net.au domain names aren’t too bad to remember, but are known to be much harder to rank well in search engine results than a .com.au

names with a dash can rank ok, but are just annoying to say and remember. Saying it out loud is “admin dash angels dot com dot au” which is just not nice, plus many people will forget the dash and end up at the opposition.

I think your current domain name of youradminangels.com.au is a perfectly fine domain name, is quite brandable and doesn’t have any of the problems of the above suggestions.

If you want to change because people type in their name by mistake when looking for you, this is NOT going to help by changing to .net.au or a dash, as both versions are easier to mistake for theirs than your current domain is!

If on the other hand you are looking to change because they rank above you in Google for phrases like Admin Angels, then this is a very bad way of going about it. If you are thinking down this line let me know, as I can almost definitely get your website ranked above theirs for the term “admin angels”

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