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Chris Bates
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It really depends on the conversation up until then.

If a cold lead rang and said “Hi I’m interested in X, can we catch up for coffee at [some place more than an hour away from you]?”. Would you go, or extract more info from them?

2 hour RTT + parking cost + 30-60 mins talking to a prospect is a lot of time. It comes down to ROI. In the time it took to meet and qualify 1 prospect face-to-face, I could have consulted 3-4 prospects on the phone.

Let’s say it’s a pre-qualification qualifier… “Can we meet in the city tomorrow?” – “No, I would prefer to have a bit of a chat on the phone first – just to make sure what I’m offering is what you’re after.”

1) “Oh, nah don’t worry about it then” – tyre kicker
2) “Sure, that sounds fair – can we schedule a time for a call?” – qualified prospect

Quite simply, if a client isn’t prepared to listen to my advice – they’re not going to get their moneys worth. #1’s aren’t likely to listen to the advice given.