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John Romaine
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Content Writer Micky, post: 38558, member: 1055 wrote:
Do you have a standard procedure in place for this that you follow?


I prequalify over the phone to ensure a good fit. I make my rates very clear before I go any further. Once I’ve prequalified the prospect and ensured a good fit, I then schedule a follow up call where I pitch for the job via a sales presentation held over Skype or Zoom. This outlines my entire process, my recommendations, sets expectations and includes a final quote.

Be mindful that this presentation only takes me about 45 minutes to put together, although to the client its very comprehensive.

I don’t meet anyone in person unless I know they’re serious about working together and they’ve paid me. I don’t have time to be wasting half a day driving around all over the place, stuck in traffic for someone who wants to waste my time.

Once the presentation is done, I then ask for the job. 99% of the time I get it, and I get paid 100% in advance before I start.

If you’ve got someone who wants you to break your process, then they might be someone you’d best avoid.

Build out an onboarding process that works, and follow it.