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King, post: 53955 wrote:
The frustrating part I have with true local, and other similar sites is that they have effectively scraped sensis pages for the data to create their database.

When I search for a business, truelocal (and the other directories comes up very high in the SERPs – but 90% of the time there is no information other than the business name and address, sometime the phone number, but nothing else.

Sure there is something good going on so they do well in SERPs, but for a user, the experience is for the most part, far from satisfactory.

Fortunately, as I outlined in a recent post, Google have recently changed their ranking algorithms to devalue business directories (such as True Local, Yellow Pages, etc) somewhat.

As you rightly pointed out, they simply don’t provide relevant information – and as providing relevant info for user search queries is their entire business model, these changes are no surprise.