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Another one to check out is Saasu, it is cheaper than Xero, but from all reports its not as intuitive and its userface is a little more complex.

I’m pulling my hair out at the moment trying to decide between Xero / Saasu.
Saasu, so far is likely the pick for me as I will be selling products. The inventory section of Saasu may out way the negatives that it has compared to Xero.
The issue with Saasu, they only offer basic inventory on their lower price plains, their high price plain has a complex inventory system.

Have been playing with Capsule CRM wich intergrates with Xero and so far this little CRM is much easier to use than Zoho, its userface is simple and streamlined compared to a lot of CRM packages. It also gives you the ability to perform a search via Postcode. (Effective if you want all the companies in the one suburb to be listed)

A bit off topic, should most accountants be able to set up a system like Saasu / Xero for you ? I’ve looked at Saasu and with my lack of accounting knowledge it looked a little daunting to for me to set it up.