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Hi Nev,
As already mentioned, interest, debt collection costs, and legal fees will not be recoverable from your customer unless outlined in your terms of trade.

Even if stated on an invoice, they may still not be enforceable as the invoice is presumably presented after the work has been completed, and hence not disclosed at the time of entering an agreement.

Best solution is to have your terms clearly stated on the back of your quotation, along with a disclosure statement that the customer signs along the lines of….

“By signing this quotation, I hereby request from (your business) the goods and or services outlined above. I hereby certify that I have read, or sought legal advice, and fully understand the general terms and conditions of trade of (your business) and agree to be bound by these conditions. I further declare that the above information is true and correct, and that I have the authority to agree to these terms and conditions.”

I know that looks a bit wordy in this format, but its only three or four lines on standard A4 paper.

Also make sure that there is a provision for the customer to print their name as well as sign the quote so there is no grounds for the argument that they didn’t sign it.

As for your current situation, offering a payment arrangement may be the answer. Email me if you like, and i will send you one that you can modify to suit. (It exceeded the max file size to add as an attachment)