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A simple answer to your question is NO WAY.

Travel agents, at least those that know and understand what good customer service is about, build up a customer base of regular very happy people.

I used a travel agent to do my bookings etc last year for an overseas trip. Couldnt ask for any better service. Mind you it took visits to about 6 other local agents before we found one that understood what we were trying to do, and because of her recommendationds we had a fantastic trip and did things we would normally not have done.

This year we sort her out again to find she had left the industry, so we ended up going on line to secure a booking for our next adventure. In saying that I dont think it was really something we needed a travel agent for.

However our adventure after this next one will require a travel agents expertice for us to get the maximum value for our travelling dollar.

So unless your excellent customer service suddenly takes a dive ‘Sheellberight”