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Shaukat Adam Khalid
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when u ask “do you box your clients”, it comes across as “do you serve a niche market?” and yes i do. I know who i want to work with and who i don’t.

i believe in client discrimination. yes, i may loose revenue but i dont believe in profit maximisation at the expense of lifestyle.

The sales lady was probably trained in who her the target market is an acted accordingly. with the right strategy, you could have walked and complained on social media and it would not make a difference.

back in 2001, i was working at myers in the audio/video/computer sales section. at the time, Myer’s slogan was something like “the place for HER”. active word “HER”.

that’s what were trained for. we didn’t reject males but we understood who the target market was and that’s what we primarily catered to.

i am a true believer in if you sell to everyone, you get no one. there are riches in niches. not just a cliche.