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I’ve worked with BC for clients and for the most part it’s a good system. I do recommend it to some clients – but not all.

My main problems are that their email servers seem to go down with alarming regularity and they’re a little disingenuous about what can and can’t be modified.

They say ‘everything is customisable’ – that’s not really true.

There’s plenty of elements where you have no access to modify the core HTML structure – and that’s a big problem for me.

Their templating system for newsletters is absolutely atrocious. Considering integrated marketing is part of their spiel, they really should have better methods in place. There’s also no spam testing or client-side delivery testing, without which you’re flying blind.

They also really need to work on providing a better out-of-the-box checkout process. The current one is cumbersome and it took me a fair bit of time to make it flow more nicely.

That said, their CRM setup is awesome and the auto-responder capabilities are fantastic – it’s a great system for an all-in-one solution. Even so, I have big problems with some elements of what they do and prefer to roll my own with Joomla, Virtuemart and Campaign Monitor, depending on the client.