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Im liking the sound of the reviews of this xero program, however I’d like to know if there is an offline component to it that a)means you can still put entries in if there is a problem between your internet connection and xero’s?
b) if it can reconcile between the online transactions and the ones you put in offline?

The reason I ask is I recently (within the last 12 monthhs) heard of a real estate firm that wasnt able to access their accounting or property information as the system was down..

what i maen by the system was down, is that it wasnt their internet connection, or their computers, but the company/ site that they had chosen to centralise all of their systems too. as all this information was based on a sydney server and the company is a little victorian town, it made things difficult for them for awhile (actual time limit unknown), but selling properties couldnt be done nor could over the counter rental payments be taken, as all relative information was unavailable.