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INeedaMassage, post: 51575 wrote:
I think ‘try before you buy’ is a fantastic idea.

It can take months to get a site finely tuned so to have a web guy who’s going to stick around through teething is fantastic. Often non technical customers are ‘left to their own devises’ trying to get their site to where they want it to be or to get it to the stage whicih they thought they were paying for.

It’s not that customers dont want to pay but rather that they and the web guy are on different planets with functionality they think they are getting and what actually gets delivered.

I think what ‘try before you buy’ is really saying is ‘ill stick around’ till you’re happy mr customer…. and I think thats priceless.

Sounds like a pretty good reason not to do it from the suppliers perspective to me :)

If customer is on different planet, then supplier needs to educate them. If supplier can’t educate them, they’re either selling too cheap, or selling to the wrong customer.