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Dave from WebCovered
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This book WILL change your life. I emailed Flying Solo about this and the lady asked me to post it in this forum, so here is that email:

“I just saw your newsletter poll that topped for general procrastination. Tell your readers about a book called “Permission To Succeed” by Noah St. John and all of that will fall away for the majority. It’s a phenomenal book, first published in 1999. After almost 10 years of chronic procrastination, I’m seeing dramatic life changing shifts from it. It was handed down to me by a highly successful multi-millionaire mentor of mine who said it was life changing for him when starting out.


PS: I’m in no way affiliated with the book or author. I’m just telling you about a hidden gem of a book!

Thanks for all you do FS!”

Link: http://www.amazon.com/Permission-Succeed-Noah-St-John/dp/1558747192