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I agree with @kbrookes as far as the design goes, it looks like something from the 1990’s. Was “semi-retro” your design intention?

I also think you have credibility problems with the content. The opening paragraph of your home page says:

“3D Televisions 3D Computers 3D Laptops 3D Phones 3DCameras 3D Glasses 3D Movies 3D Games 3D Digital Picture Frames 3D Music DVDs 3D Optics 3D in Cars 3D Accessories”

This offers no value to your readers and looks to me like a bunch of keywords targeting search engines.

You also seem to be using three font colours in your content. There’s black, but there’s also two grey tones too. This is distracting.

You also have some dead links which still point to your development PC, instead of a file on your server.

It looks like you used some cheap software to create your pages, get rid of it and start again. Or perhaps just get a professional to redo the whole thing.

An important component of any website design is to establish trust. Your current design fails to do that. Address this issue and you’re on your way towards offering something useful.